Hope for Veterans: Rebuilding Smiles, Restoring Lives

Hope for Veterans: Rebuilding Smiles, Restoring Lives from North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Vista, CAEvery day, men and women serve our country with unwavering dedication, defending freedom and safeguarding peace. However, the sacrifices made by our veterans often extend beyond their time on the battlefield. Many veterans face unique challenges upon returning home, including physical and mental health issues.

Recognizing the importance of supporting our veterans, we here at North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Vista, CA, are proud to participate in a remarkable program— the annual North County Veterans Stand Down. This program aims to provide comprehensive services, including dental care, to offer a ray of hope to those who have selflessly served our nation.

Supporting Veterans

Veterans--especially those currently experiencing homelessness--face a range of challenges from their oral health to legal issues that can keep them from moving forward. Even simple things like doing laundry can become a difficult task. The North County Veterans Stand Down aims to provide a one-stop-shop to help veterans get the support and services they need, all at no cost to them.

For four days every October, providers, businesses, and advocacy groups from all over San Diego County come together at Green Oak Ranch in Vista to donate time and services to give veterans the care they deserve. In addition to the dental care that NCCID provides, veterans at the Stand Down can also receive a variety of services, including:

  • Eye exams and prescription glasses
  • Legal services
  • Medical services
  • Haircuts
  • Clothes and shoes
  • 3 meals and snacks
  • Overnight, indoor accommodations
  • Hot showers and toiletries
  • Art therapy activities
  • Veterinary services for pets
  • Live music and relaxation

Restoring Smiles, Restoring Confidence

Many veterans suffer from missing teeth, dental trauma, or other significant dental issues that affect their confidence and overall quality of life. At the Stand Down event, the entire NCCID team comes together to help make a difference. In addition to exams and fillings, the team works with complex cases, offering treatment and solutions in a single day. Exams are held at the Stand Down event site, and shuttles transport veterans to NCCID’s location, which is just minutes away. Our ultimate goal? Not just restoring veterans' smiles, but restoring their confidence, self-worth, and overall well-being. With the confidence of a clean, cared-for smile, veterans are more likely to secure employment, strengthen their relationships and social interactions, and ultimately regain control over their lives and move forward with renewed hope and optimism.

Caring for Veterans, Honoring Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, we would like to extend a special invitation to all veterans in need of dental care (whether they are experiencing homelessness or not) to attend the North County Veterans Stand Down on October 19-22, 2023. If you know a veteran in need, please pass the information along. And if you’re interested in volunteering or sponsoring the event, please visit their website.

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As veterans ourselves, we appreciate Memorial Day as a way to honor our fallen military comrades, but also recognize that we can make a difference for our brothers and sisters in arms who are still with us, and still fighting a battle every day to survive. We don’t have to wait for a single day to help each other, either. We’re committed to helping veterans achieve better health and more fulfilling lives.

Check out our page on the North County Veterans Stand Down for resources here in the Vista and San Diego area.

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