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How Proper Oral Hygiene May Improve Overall HealthVista, CA

Oral hygiene is an essential aspect of overall health and may have a larger impact on one's total health than many realize. Complete health dentists are practitioners who use patients' oral health to identify and evaluate potential and existing diseases they may have. The oral health connection is the corollary between oral health and general wellness.

A complete health dentist is available at North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Vista and the surrounding area. This type of dentist strives to improve a patient's overall wellness by examining and caring for oral health. A complete health dentist is an alternative to a traditional practitioner and may be beneficial for many patients.

Improving your overall wellbeing requires proper care for oral health. We help patients understand how oral health and overall wellness intertwine so they can improve their quality of life. Call us at 760-940-2273 to schedule an appointment today.

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    Oral Hygiene Impacts the Heart

    Many studies have linked oral care to heart disease. Proper oral care does not prevent or treat heart disease, but it does reduce the risk of developing it. Oral hygiene is particularly important for patients with artificial heart valves.

    Diabetic Care

    People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Complete health dentists can often detect early warning signs of diabetes and advise a patient on the next steps for receiving a diagnosis. In some cases, proper oral care can help regulate the amount of insulin the body produces.

    Dental Health Affects Pregnancy

    Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing gum disease. According to the CDC, up to 75% of women develop mild periodontal disease during pregnancy. This has been linked to low birth weight, and preterm birth, so pregnant women should take proper care to maintain their oral health.

    Osteoporosis Concerns

    Pregnant women with gum disease may also be at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Bones become week and brittle, and if the condition affects bones underneath the gums, pregnant women could experience tooth loss. Pregnant women should make sure to eat a calcium-rich diet to strengthen bone density and improve oral health.

    Healthy Habits Mean Better Oral and General Health

    Healthy eating habits are important for both oral and overall health. Patients should strive to consume a healthy, balanced diet with limited added sugar. Too much sugar may lead to obesity and heart disease in addition to causing cavities and tooth decay.

    These Common Conditions Relate to Dental Health

    Complete oral health involves a patient's teeth, gums, bones, muscles, and ligaments in the mouth. Gum disease is one of the most prevalent oral health problems. It has been linked to numerous conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease.

    Improve Mouth Health With These Good Habits

    Maintaining oral health is a good way to prevent oral disease. A proper oral care regimen also helps patients identify potential problems before they become serious. These practices help improve oral health.

    • Avoid tobacco use: According to WebMD, tobacco use is linked to an increased risk of oral cancer, bone loss, and gum disease. Tobacco reduces the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, which prevents the body from fending off common oral infections. Patients should avoid smoking or chewing tobacco to improve oral health.
    • Brush teeth regularly: Brushing teeth with a fluoride-based toothpaste removes tartar and plaque that could lead to dental problems. Patients should brush their teeth at least twice a day. Replacing toothbrushes every three months is also a good practice.
    • Floss daily: Toothbrushes cannot reach between teeth to remove food particles, plaque, or tarter that get stuck there. Leaving this residue untreated allows it to eat away at teeth. Patients can avoid this issue by flossing daily to clean between teeth efficiently.
    • Schedule regular dental visits: People should make dental appointments at least twice a year. Regular cleanings keep your teeth and gums healthy and allow a complete health dentist to identify potential health problems early. Patients with extensive dental histories may need to visit the dentist more often.

    Learn More About How Proper Oral Hygiene May Improve Overall Health

    A complete health dentist can help you improve your overall wellbeing by identifying problems that begin in your mouth. At North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we enhance the quality of our patient's experience. Call us today at 760-940-2273 to schedule an appointment and start taking care of your oral health.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Hygiene and Overall Health

    How do patients find a complete health dentist?

    Not all dentists care for overall wellness, so patients trying to find a complete health dentist should search for practitioners in their areas. Patients should then look at reviews before choosing a dentist. They should check with their insurance providers to ensure they have the proper dental coverage.

    What is the science behind the oral health connection to overall wellbeing?

    The first U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health was released in 2000 and suggested that oral health is crucial for overall wellness. Bacteria often enter the body through the body, and infections that occur in the gums can spread quickly through the bloodstream, resulting in systemic diseases. Many diseases have symptoms that first appear in the mouth, so dental exams can allow for an early diagnosis that may improve prognosis.

    How often should patients visit a complete health dentist?

    A complete health dentist is an alternative to a traditional one, so patients should visit one at least twice a year. Patients who have frequent oral health problems may need to visit a complete health dentist as often as every four months. In between visits, patients should practice good oral hygiene habits to improve their overall health.

    What does a visit to a complete health dentist entail?

    Complete health dentists review patient's medical histories, discuss what they would like to get out of their overall health, and sets health goals and objectives before performing routine treatments. After a dental hygienist cleans teeth thoroughly, patients are screened for oral cancer and gum disease. Finally, the dentist creates an individualized treatment plan to improve overall wellness.

    Is a visit to a complete health dentist expensive?

    Complete health dentists examine oral health and find clues to other health issues patients may have or may be at risk of having. Although they often combine general medical care with oral care, they are covered under many dental insurance plans. Patients should check with their insurance providers to ensure treatment is covered before visiting a complete health dentist.

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