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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are home sleep tests accurate?

    Yes! The Alice NightOne home sleep test is an incredibly accurate and effective way to diagnose sleep disorders from the comfort of your own home. The device measures a number of factors, such as blood oxygen saturation, breathing patterns, and more. Once you’ve completed your sleep test, the data is sent to a board certified Sleep Medicine physician for a precise diagnosis.

    Will my insurance cover the take home sleep study?

    If all your insurance information has been received on the day of your appointment, as a courtesy to you we will be happy to file claims for you at no additional charge. We accept all medical insurance where you can choose your own provider. These types of benefit plans are commonly referred to as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) medical plan. Our commitment is to your health and we are happy to help you maximize your benefits.

    How do you prepare for a sleep test?

    To prepare for an at-home sleep test, Dr. Henninger recommends following these helpful tips for an effective diagnosis:

    • Avoid napping the day of your test
    • Avoid caffeine after noon
    • Eat a full, well-balanced dinner
    • Eliminate distractions in the bedroom
    • Wind down and relax before going to sleep

    How long is a sleep test?

    Generally, home sleep testing requires at least seven hours of sleep. At West Coast Snore and Sleep Apnea Solutions, we provide the Alice NightOne “at home sleep test” and ask that you wear the device for two full, consecutive nights. The device measures your sleeping patterns so that a board certified sleep physician can make a diagnosis for your condition.

    I took a home sleep test. What happens next?

    Once you complete a sleep test, we’ll personally send the data to a board certified Sleep Medicine physician. They’ll review your snoring levels, head position, pulse, and blood oxygen saturation while sleeping and make a diagnosis. Afterwards, Dr. Henninger will work with you and your physician to help determine the best, most effective treatment for your lifestyle.

    For more information on the Alice Night One unit, and how to utilize the take home sleep study, please watch below.

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