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Gum GraftingTreat receding gums and improve your oral health.

If you have gum recession due to periodontitis, brushing habits, or even genetics, the dentists at North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry can help.

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    Protect your teeth, gums, and bone.

    Gum recession is very common and can happen for many reasons:

    Gum disease:

    When plaque gets trapped between teeth and gums and doesn’t get removed, the plaque will turn into tartar, irritating the gums, and causing them to swell and bleed. Eventually, the gums will recede.


    If you brush aggressively, with lots of pressure, or with a stiff toothbrush, your gums will recede as they’re worn down over time.


    If your parents or other relatives had receding gums, it could run in your family.

    Other causes:

    Gum recession could also happen if you’ve had orthodontic treatment, smoke or use chewing tobacco, had trauma in your mouth from an accident, brush your teeth unevenly, have a tongue or lip piercing, or have misaligned teeth.

    Left untreated, receding gums can cause pain and sensitivity and the site, increase your risk for cavities, infections, loose teeth, and tooth and bone loss. Luckily, gum grafting is a highly successful treatment to restore your gums and safeguard your oral health.

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    What is gum grafting?

    Gum grafting replaces the lost tissue near your teeth with other healthy tissue--either from your own mouth or from a licensed bone and tissue bank.

    After making a small incision to create a flap at the grafting site, the dentist cleans your exposed tooth and roots. They then place a new piece of tissue (either removed from the roof of your mouth or from the tissue bank) over your exposed roots and stitches it into place.

    After the procedure, recovery takes around 1-2 weeks.

    Your gum grafting experts in Vista, CA

    Dr. Christopher Henninger and Dr. Craig Huenergardt have extensive experience with gum grafting surgeries and can help return your mouth to optimal health. Call (760) 940-2273 today to learn more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I consider gum grafting?

    If your gums have receded, it’s likely that you are already experiencing pain and sensitivity around the area. But beyond solving that immediate problem, gum grafting will also help you reduce your risk for gum disease and cavities in the area, as well as protect against tooth and bone loss.

    Is the procedure painful?

    During the procedure, we will use local anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel any pain. You may experience some swelling, bleeding, or discomfort during your surgery, but we have found that it doesn’t last long. We will send you home with a list of instructions and proper medication to help mitigate your discomfort.

    Will gum grafting work?

    While there is a chance of gum graft failure (the grafted tissue does not grow), gum grafting surgery has an extremely high success rate--over 90%. It is one of the most common periodontal procedures in the US for good reason. It works!

    Can I just wait for my gums to grow back?

    Unfortunately, gums do not grow back. Gum grafting is usually the best option for repairing gum recession and preventing further complications.

    How do I know if I need gum grafting?

    If you’ve noticed that your gums seem to be lower, your lower tooth is more exposed, or you have increased sensitivity to heat, cold, sweets, and brushing, make an appointment to visit our office. Our registered dental hygienists and dentists can check the health of your gums, measure the pockets around your teeth, and examine the recession to help you determine if you need gum grafting.

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