What Is Special Needs Dentistry?

special needs dentistry Vista, CA

Finding the right special needs dentistry office is critical if you have a loved one with challenges. A special needs patient requires good oral health care like everyone else. When you go to a dentist who can fulfill these requirements, you can have peace of mind. This dental practice knows how to help special needs patients and making their experience positive.

Qualifications of a special needs dentistry office

Dentists go through years of schooling and education before beginning their careers. A dentist has a college degree and completes all the requirements of dental school. Special needs dentists undergo even more training. This professional focuses on the specific needs of people. These may include physical, emotional, cognitive or sensory impairments. The dentist completes extra coursework and has hands-on experience with these patients.

Giving comfort

A dental appointment can be an anxious experience for anyone. For a special needs patient, the visit can be especially difficult. At a special needs dentistry clinic, the entire team has the right skills to make patients feel more at ease. The team will focus on giving one-on-one attention to patients who have fears or uneasiness about being in the dental chair. These dentists understand what techniques can calm patients. This may be before and during an examination or treatment.

More help

In a typical dental office, the dentist may call upon a hygienist during certain procedures. With special needs dentistry, one or more assistant will be by the patient’s side. Each team member understands the challenges that a special needs patient encounters. Employees are sympathetic and patient. They know how to help when there may be outbursts and emotional difficulties.


At a special needs dentistry office, the dentist will provide checkups for patients. This will include cleaning and polishing every tooth. The hygienist will take X-rays as well. The dentist does a hands-on examination to look for concerns and emerging issues in the mouth. The dentist will also speak with the parent or caregiver before the appointment. They will discuss how to improve the patient’s oral health.


The special needs dentistry team is also available to take care of treatment and restorative work. Special needs patients who have cavities, fractured teeth or gum disease can come here. The dentist can do procedures such as fillings, crowns and root canals. A dentist at this office will understand how to handle procedures for patients with orofacial disorders. Before doing any treatment, the dentist will explain to caregivers what to expect.

Meeting all their needs

Oral health care is vital for a special needs patient. Without proper attention and regular dental visits, the person’s health can suffer. Not all dental offices can work well with special needs patients. Find a practice near you that has experience with special needs dentistry. You can make an appointment today and stay on top of the patient’s care. When you come, you can rest assured knowing that the entire team has the patient’s well-being at heart.

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