When To See An Emergency Dentist

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An emergency dentist is unique from a general dentist in the sense that they have the team, resources, hours and willingness to treat dental emergencies. A dental emergency may include a range of mouth injuries or developing oral health concerns. It can be helpful to fully understand when to see an emergency dentist for prompt treatment.

Signs that indicate a need to visit an emergency dentist

When an individual has an immediate need for dental treatment due to severely painful symptoms or symptoms that are likely to worsen or linger if not treated promptly, it is best to visit with an emergency dentist. Emergency dentists often recommend patients visit them if they have moderate to severe oral health concerns or for dental trauma that does not require medical treatment.

Oral health concerns

An oral health concern is a broad term that could include one or more of a range of possible issues. The more common oral health concerns that often require treatment from an emergency dentist include:

  • Severely swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Severe toothache
  • Loose tooth

It is often difficult to tell if an oral health concern is a dental emergency. Many symptoms are not severe and treatment can wait for a more convenient time. However, if the symptoms worsen and become intolerable, or if they have lingered for more than 24 hours, then a visit to the emergency dentist is likely in order. 

Dental trauma

Dental trauma refers to damage due to an injury to teeth, gums, jawbone or soft tissue such as the lips or gums. Emergency dentists can treat most instances of dental trauma. Most notably, emergency dentists treat:

  • Teeth chips & cracks
  • Loose teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Gum swelling

It is important to seek emergency dentistry treatment after dental trauma to minimize the long-term damage, as oftentimes, it can save teeth from becoming lost. Of course, more severe dental trauma where there is a life-threatening amount of blood loss, will require treatment at the emergency room. 

When treatment can wait

Not all instances of oral health concerns or dental trauma require treatment from an emergency dentist. It is important to assess the symptoms and severity of the symptoms when deciding if treatment can wait. When in doubt, call a dentist who treats dental emergencies to discuss whether or not to come in for prompt care. 

When to visit the emergency room

Emergency dentists specialize in treating issues related to oral health, but they are not suited to treat medical emergencies. If other concerns exist along with dental trauma such as severe bleeding or broken bones, then a trip to the dentist may be secondary. Additionally, if a fever and more severe symptoms exist along with an oral infection, then general healthcare may be required. 

Find out more about emergency dentistry

The best way to determine when to visit an emergency dentist is to get in touch with one whenever there is a doubt. Our team offers emergency dentistry services, and we encourage individuals to give us a call to find out how we can treat any current concerns.

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