Why Should You See a Sleep Apnea Specialist?

Sleep Apnea Vista, CA

You may need a sleep apnea specialist already and may not even know it. Busy lifestyles and demanding schedules tend to make you dismiss the importance of sleep. Sleep apnea may also get into the mix. You must find out if you need help with this problem. Here are some of the reasons for seeing a sleep apnea specialist.

EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness)

EDS can result from insomnia. It can also be a product of RLS (restless leg syndrome) and sleep apnea. Excessive sleepiness during daytime hours makes it challenging to focus on tasks. It may also put the person in danger while driving or operating large machinery. EDS can also come from daytime fatigue. This may also make the person irritable.

Sleepiness during the day can make it difficult for the patient to fall asleep at night. The patient may also nap in the afternoon or drink coffee. These activities will make it even more difficult for the person to fall asleep. EDS is a reason for visiting a sleep apnea specialist.

Chronic insomnia

People suffering from insomnia have trouble forming and sustaining sleep in the evening. Insomnia results in several awakenings at night. Some people with insomnia wake up hours before they need to. Then, they have difficulty falling back to sleep.

Sleep apnea can be a cause of insomnia. Breathing is involuntary during sleep. Sleep apnea happens when there are pauses in breathing. Each pause can last for about 10 seconds and can happen several times throughout the evening. When the breathing stops, the brain tells the body to wake up. Seeing a sleep apnea specialist can help resolve the cause of the patient’s inadequate sleep.

Falling asleep at random, unusual times

Sleep attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. The inadequate sleep a person gets from sleep apnea may result in these sleep attacks. Affected people may have hours of alertness in between. Those who drive may experience drowsy driving because of EDS. This sudden attack of sleepiness and cause fatal accidents. Setting up an appointment with a sleep apnea specialist must happen soon.

Regular snoring

Loud snoring every night is a regular symptom of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). This is a life-threatening sleep disorder, which is enough reason to see a sleep apnea specialist. It causes pauses in breathing while sleeping. OSA happens because of the constriction of the throat’s soft tissues.


Sleeping no more than nine hours each night is the average for adults. Getting more than nine hours of sleep during vacations or weekends is normal. Sleeping for more than nine hours every day may be a reason for seeing a sleep apnea specialist. Some people with EDS or narcolepsy sleep more than 10 hours each night.

You need to see a sleep apnea specialist to prevent health complications

The mentioned reasons are enough for you to see a sleep apnea specialist. Drowsiness and excessive sleeping during the day usually happen because of inadequate sleep. Sleep apnea may be causing your insufficient sleep. Seeing a sleep apnea specialist must happen soon. You should not wait for more complications to happen. An appointment with a sleep apnea specialist will establish a correct diagnosis and a proper treatment plan.

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