4 Foods to Eat After Root Canal Treatment

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After getting a root canal, you will need to take proper care of your teeth. If you eat the wrong foods, you can damage or break the area that had the root canal. While eating the right foods is important, you do not want to eat until the numbness has worn off. This will prevent you from biting your tongue or damaging your teeth. Eating soft foods is important because your teeth will be naturally more sensitive.

Soft vegetables

Patients should not neglect eating vegetables, even after having a root canal treatment. Eating vegetables can offer several health benefits, including strengthening the immune system. However, patients should take care to only eat soft vegetables. This can include cooked vegetables, such as mashed potatoes or other soft foods.

One option for food is riced cauliflower. This is cauliflower that has been cut into fine pieces. Patients can take small bites and chew on the opposite side of the mouth as the root canal. Another way to avoid injuring the tooth with the root canal is to juice the vegetables. This can provide the benefits of vegetables without damaging the tooth.


Patients can also eat soft fruits, such as raspberries or clementine. Fruits have important vitamins and minerals in them, which can trigger the body’s healing response. It can also benefit a patient’s overall health. A few good choices can include:

  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Mangos
  • Applesauce

Cutting the fruit into small pieces can help make it easier to eat. Another way to eat fruit is a smoothie. Patients can add chia seeds or flaxseed to make the smoothie more filling and nutritious. Strawberries, apples and bananas are all good fruits to make a smoothie from.


For patients who do not have lactose intolerance, dairy products are good choices. Yogurt and ice cream are both cold and creamy. This means they can be more soothing and prevent bleeding. This is good for the first day after a root canal because patients will not need to chew at all. After a while, patients can have soft scrambled eggs. This will provide patients with some protein.


It is good to have some carbohydrates as well. This can include macaroni and cheese, pancakes and thin pasta. For some healthier options, patients can eat oatmeal with flaxseed, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. If this seems too bland for some, patients can have thin-noodle dishes with mild spices.

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Eating the four types of foods above will help you keep your diet balanced while you heal. At the same time, you can protect the area where you had a root canal to promote healing. As your body is recovering, a balanced diet is more important than ever. Foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, will help your immune system stay strong. If you have questions about the right foods to eat after root canals, then you should visit your dentist.

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